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    Why not all promotional codes are published.

    Today there are many coupon code sites promoting deals and giving out coupon codes throughout the web. Sometimes, however, there are coupon codes that websites are not allowed to publish because of agreement restrictions. I'll tell you why they don't want you to know about these coupon codes, and a way to find them.

    Why the promotional code sites don't publish all codes?

    Imagine this: You are looking for a perfectmatch promotional code and you search all the existing coupon code websites on the web to no avail.  Maybe there are actually existing coupon codes that you are not aware of. The main reason the retailers don't want you to know about these codes, is that they offer promo codes only directly to customers to see if their marketing strategy works.  It's the same idea when you hear a radio car commercial and they say "tell them Bob sent you".  When you get to the car dealer and tell them that "Bob" sent you then they will know that their money is well spent on radio advertising.  Similarly, the retailers may send out these promotion codes only to a select group of people, perhaps those who are subscribed to their newsletter, and they want to see the effect of people claiming the coupon code so they are aware of which marketing sector may have the most success. If it is a dating site then maybe the promotion codes get sent only to their subscribers who are not currently active and have stopped paying their dues.  Retailers could send out a promotion code called "WEST" to their west coast consumers while sending out "EAST" to their east coast customers.  Those who claim the coupon codes can give them an idea of where their product and brand name has the most success.  If coupon code sites were to publish these codes, then the results would no longer have the same marketing effectiveness.

    Where can I find the coupon codes then?

    The best way to find these hidden coupon codes is to searching through forums.  Forums provide a platform where any user registers and is for the most part free to post anything within the webmaster's guidelines.  They are usually not bound like a coupon site that needs to agree to a retailers terms and conditions.

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    Posted by couponsam on Monday, October 22, 2007 11:37 AM
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