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    Comprehensive coupon guide

    Comprehensive coupon guide

    If you like to save money on purchases, you know the frustration when going to the market or a retailer and wishing you had a coupon on an item that catches your eye.  Thanks to the internet there is an alternative to avoid the headaches and time of clipping coupons or searching for a bargain.  

    Let someone else cut up the market coupons
    There are sites such as and others that let you pick and choose coupons for the things you need.  Yes there is a small service fee from 3 to 10 cents I believe, but since you are getting coupons for items that you will actually buy, you will actually end up saving substantially. This is a great service, since all the work of coupon clipping is done for you. The site allows you to preview what coupons are available and buy and purchase only the ones you need. If your coupon is less than $1 then you may also be able to get double the savings since a lot of grocery stores offer "double the coupons" deals for items under $1.

    Another great idea is to search ebay for the coupons that you need. 
    Some people have reported good success in getting rare coupons for a bargain price. This is a great idea in getting discounts not just on food items, but on amusement parks, concert tickets, and sporting events.  I have seen season pass holders for amusement parks "loan" their season passes or tickets for a minimal fee. Sometimes their season tickets expire before a certain date and they have to sell it in order not to lose on their investment. 

    Find online coupons
    If you plan to buy online then there are many retailers that offer promotional codes. You can input these promotional codes into the "check out" pages of many retailers' websites to get a substantial discount. To find these gems you can visit sites like, cheap-buys or couponloco who search already for you whenever there is a promotional code available.  There are many retailers that offer places to enter coupon codes when checking out.  If you need pet products you can find petco promotional codes, if you need to travel you can find expedia coupons, etc.  Don't ignore the fact that any product that can be purchased online "may" have a coupon code. 

    Get coupons from the manufacturer.
    You can get coupons from the manufacturer directly such as, bettycrocker, smartsource and others.  All you will need to do is to register and print out any coupons they have available. You can also try calling the product's 1800 number and tell them you enjoy their products and if they have any coupons available. 

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    Posted by couponsam on Saturday, September 29, 2007 9:00 PM
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